Green Home Wire Mesh Trellis
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About us

Green Home Wire Mesh Trellis Factory is a branch of Anping County Lvxing Technology Co.,Ltd,sited in the south industrial area of the wire mesh hometown. Specializing in fabricating kinds of wire mesh trellis screen,plant growing support wire mesh,framed Wall Mounted Trellis screen.They are widely used in landscape creation,indoor and outdoor decoration,private space isolation,urban and courtyard greening.

Our most unique wire mesh trellis is a three-dimensional modular plant mesh system,also known as the green wall trellis mesh.It is a modular parallel panel system welded together to create a growth space for ivy plants.Namely,3D grid panel+ivy plant=green wall.As a building material for green plant landscapes,it can be installed on walls,roadsides,gardens,parking lots,and swimming pools.Used to beautify the environment, it is both breathable and has a certain degree of privacy.

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