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Metal Spiral Architectural Mesh Sold to Middle East

Metal Spiral Architectural Mesh also known as spiral decorative woven mesh belt,is mainly used for building exterior wall decoration and indoor isolation. It is flexible and easy to install.Most metal decorative mesh curtains are woven from stainless steel wire,aluminum wire,iron wire,etc.They are used for indoor or ceiling decoration in storefronts,reception halls,sales centers,etc.,serving as screens,partitions,ceilings,and other functions.

Metal decorative mesh curtains have good sagging,can move freely like curtains,resulting in excellent decorative effects.After special surface treatment,it is resistant to high temperature and does not fade.The color treated with light and metal presents a magnificent effect under the illumination of light,bringing infinite imagination space to people.

Spiral Decorative Wire Mesh Belt Features:
1.Lightweight and flexible with easy installation.
2.Spiral tension Architectural Wire Mesh has high strength,good corrosion resistance,Incombustibility,not easily deformed or damaged.
3.High transparency and air permeability,resistance to storms and snow loads.
4.Colorful diversity,available in natural metallic colors or painted in various other colors.
5.Various models and styles provide unique decorative effects.
6.Easy to maintain and clean.

Spiral Architectural Mesh Application:
Widely used in the decoration of building facades,partitions,ceilings,sunshades,balconies and corridors,rotating blinds,stairways,airport terminals,hotels,luxury villas,museums,opera houses,concert halls,office buildings,exhibition halls,shopping malls,etc.



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