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Classification and Application of Architectural Decoration Mesh

Metal decorative mesh is made by a special process,and due to the flexibility and glossiness of its metal ropes and rods,it directly creates different modern decorative art styles.The color of metal hanging curtains is variable,and under the reflection of light,the space is spacious and infinite,colorful,emitting a noble atmosphere.As a new type of architectural decoration material,metal mesh is widely used in bar halls,staircase partitions,and internal and external curtain walls,Indoor and outdoor suspended ceilings,screens,etc.

1.Classified according to the location of use
  Metal curtain wall decorative mesh,metal partition decorative mesh,elevator car decorative mesh,metal ceiling decorative mesh,furniture decoration mesh,laminated glass wire mesh.
2.Classification according to production process
  Expanded metal decorative mesh,perforated metal decorative mesh,woven decorative wire mesh,etching plate decorative mesh.
3.Classified according to different structures
  Metal Spiral Tension Mesh,cable-rod Woven Mesh,lattice woven architectural mesh,Cladding Tight Woven Mesh,etc.



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