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Climber Trellis Mesh Questions

3D Landscape screen is a versatile green landscape building material,composed of double-layer woven or welded steel wire mesh and is framed with rigid steel to support plant growth,requiring almost no maintenance.Landscape screens are durable,flexible,and easy to install,making them an ideal architectural supplement that also meets the necessary screen or filling requirements.It can be used as an isolation fence,a wall mounted greening mesh,and a framework for landscape creation.

1.Can landscape mesh only be welded mesh?
There are two types of landscape screens,one is welded landscape screen and the other is woven wire landscape screen.

2.What are the similarities and differences between welded and woven landscape screens?
a)2″ or 3″ square patterns on a 2″ or 3″ depth.
b)Both of them can be used as facades,trellises,and specialized structures.
c)Both of them can usually be painted in black,white,and green.
The woven mesh structure creates a more unique appearance during installation.Combining interwoven patterns with the natural depth changes generated by weaving,while maintaining necessary structural requirements,creates a more visually impactful pattern on the entire panel.
The welded mesh structure is used for applications with a smoother appearance during installation.The welded structure also helps to create a more rigid panel that can withstand higher structural and safety requirements within the same spacing as the woven structure.



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